Monday, May 24, 2010

My Bucket list by Janyce

1. Be an actress

2. Visit India

3. Go to a Joan Jett concert

4. Spend a week with my friend in Barcelona

5. Have roomates

6. Go to L.A

7. Do an American Road Trip

8. Have kids

9. Play guitar with my Dad

10. Be on the Red Carpet at Cannes Festival

11. Go on the Mekong river

12. Go to the beach

13. Do a manicure

14. Horse riding

15. Eat what i want

16. Be a part of Peace Corps

17. Live in NYC

18. Drink wine

19. Make a huge chocolate cake

20. Spend time with my sister

21. Go to London

22. Be a surgeon

23. Go to Disneyland

24. Do a French Road trip

25. Do a Safari

26. Swim in Bora Bora

27. Do a 70's party

28. Buy a 3000$ guitar to my Dad

29. See a woman president

30. Support Greenpeace

31. Have an all-girl rock band

32. Sleep all day long

33. Do Thanksgiving in France

34. Write a book

35. Do a world tour

36. Love at first sight

37. Play Soccer

38. See dolphins

39. Work for the ASPAC

40. Meet new people

41. Shop with my Mom

42. I want my Grandma to tell the story of her childhood during the World War II.

43. Be back to San Francisco in a few years.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Terrorism by Marco

Terrorism is a big problem in the world .people are afraid of terrorism, because the terrorist will kill you , they don’t care who are you .terrorism is an anti-government organization. they hate the government and want to be revenge on government. they have a goal and they aren’t afraid of dead .they can use their body to be a suicide bomb.they are a group of dangerous people.

Why people disagree with them,because they have different idea with government ,and they solved solution through the use of force.they always killed innocent people .for example, RUSSIA have a accident by terrorist, a lot of people was dead by two suicide bomb.

Monday, May 17, 2010


What is the censorship of books and movies? Movies and books and inspection departments are established by the Government, and its purpose is to monitor the country's film and book publishing. When there are some movies or books containing ideas with the current system or conflicting content. The department has the right to ban these films and books.For me, I am strongly opposed to censorship of films and books.Movies and books censorship exists, will only hinder a country's cultural and democratic development. For a number of people dissatisfied with the existing government and opinions can not be expressed. This is for the development of the country is not good.

Reducing Poverty and Hunger

Poverty: lack of necessary money to survey.

I have chosen this topic because I think it’s a big problem in the whole word.

Over a billion people and approximately 35,000 children are dying because of hunger, I am convinced that without money there will not be a solution for this problem, I strongly agree that the Government will need to make a lot of changes to obtain better results, once they make the changes they will see less corruption amount those people that vandalize and robbers other people.

I think that children will be the biggest beneficiaries, with more money the Government will open more schools, have a better education, plus children will enjoy good health and of course the most important at all “A good and nutrition meal”.

When I was in El Salvador, 32 years ago, there was a war between the terrorism and the military service or the Government ,as a result of this war the poverty has grown, schools has been closed and the lack of food and money have make people to vandalize each other and corruption and delinquency is all over the country.

32 years has been passed, until now people it’s suffering the consequence of the war. The Government agrees to have a radical solution, until now we had not seen any results.

This experience had showed my family and me that we are blessed to be in the United States and the main thing a life. We still help some people that live in my country, by sending clothes, toys and some money.

We feel happy to cooperate and we believe that one day our country will be as it was before.

Prohibiting smoking inside has been a big debate all over the US and in many other countries all over the world, such as Germany.
Many people think it should be prohibited to smoke inside and around public facilities like schools and hospitals.

I personally think that smoking inside should be not allowed anymore, because there are so many people, me included, who have major problems if someone smokes around them. And if someone smokes there are others not far...
Mostly you are surrounded by smokers and don't know how you are supposed to breathe.
I would agree with separate places for smokers, if there are far away from smoking free environments. But even more then that I would hope that the once smoking will be strong and give it up, for the environment and most of all for themselves...

Voting Age

A voting age is a minimum age established by law that a person must attain to vote in a public election.
At the present time the voting age across the world is typing 18. When the right to vote was first accorded in democracies the voting age was generally set at 21. Should we raise the age to 21 to vote? I think so. Because most people are still child-minded essentially as a teenager, they are too young to vote at 18. It's easy to be controlled by others if one is not thoughtful. There are several reasons for arguing against allowing 18-years-old to vote, because the human brain does not really mature at 18-years-old. Sometime they are only replicating their parents votes. So they don't have choice to vote what they want or their parents will help tjem to election without asking for their views. I think this is unfair and just an election in name only. Maybe at 21, they will become more mature then they can make their own decisions rather than follow their parents. At the same time, the election will become more democratic.
So, I think the government should raise the voting age to 21, not reduce it to 16.

prohibiting smoking

Smoking is not good for people. Everyone know if you smoke, you will be easy to get lung cancer. A lot of people don't care. They smoke a lot. That's their chose. Some people don't smoke. They are no chose to get second hand smoke . That is no fair for them.
Now prohibiting smoking indoors is a good news for non-smoker. We have a good place to eat at the restaurant and to see a moving at theater . We have a chance to away from second . smoke.